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   The National Social Science Association (NSSA) is a national interdisciplinary association that has been in existence now for 33 years. It started as a series of regional associations for two and four year social scientists and then became a national association with its first national conference in Washington, D.C. Over the years the association has served countless thousands of social scientists with its conference, seminars, and publications.

    The national conference of the association is the National Social Science and Technology Conference and is held every spring in Las Vegas, always the Sunday-Wednesday before Easter.This conference features presentations from two and four year college professors as well as students from all over the United States and the conferences focuses on presentations dealing with research, teaching and technology. The summer seminar is held the first Sunday-Wednesday in August and is generally help in an attractive western location. This seminar features presentations around a general theme for all social scientists and again presentations reflect research, teaching as well as technology. The annual fall meeting is a professional developmental conference which attendees and participants can use for their college professional development requirements. The location of this conference is held in cities across the nation and again the conference presentations reflect research, teaching, and technology.

    The publications of the association include the proceedings publication which is a non refereed publication and features presentations given at the various conferences and seminars. The National Social Science Journal has been the major journal of the association for 29 years and is a blind refereed journal. All authors whose articles are accepted in the journal are given a licensing agreement and they retain copyright of the article. Plus this journal has a Creative Commons Attribution License. In the last few years this journal has also appeared in an online format at our website here. The National Social Science Technology Journal is also a blind refereed journal and is the newest journal of the association. Articles from this journal first appear online in an interactive format with embedded videos and links and audio. Both refereed journals are printed in hard copy.

    The structure of the association consists of an executive director whose office is in California along with elected officers and a national governing board. There is an election for officers every two years and the members of the national governing board are appointed by the executive director along with the elected officers.

     The association is pleased to announce that we will be offering continuing education credits through the University of San Diego for all our conferences and seminars. Visit the University of San Diego Professional and Continuing Education page to register for the credit.

Las Vegas Convention
Denver Summer Seminar
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